‘Thanks again for all the work you did on the website – it was wonderful.’

Website Editing and Proofreadingcanstockphoto.com

No matter how fantastic your web designer and web developer are, the foundation of every website is words. An effective site that does what you want it to do is well organised and well written. It has no typographical errors, no grammatical errors, no missing links. Its content and metatags are attractive to search engines as well as its readers.

An effective website editor makes the difference between a website that works and a webite that frustrates.

What I do with Website Editing and Proofreading

  • I review the entire site (or portions of it, as required) and provide a complete report on my findings, as well as recommendations.
  • I check that the text flows and makes sense.
  • I check that there are no grammatical or typographical errors.
  • I check that all links are working.
  • I use a checklist for items such as templates, images, alt tags, call to action, contact details, consistency, navigation, site map, use of breadcrumbs, ‘stickyness’ of the site etc.
  • I check that downloadable files have unambiguous titles
  • I make recommendations on how the website can be improved.
  • I will also create a Style Sheet if requested, so that everyone who updates the website can consult it to create site-wide consistency.

I recently signed up for an online course. Its landing page looked professional, but when I got into the course itself, it was very disappointing. Lessons were provided as pdf files, but the files all had the exact same front page and did not have the same names as the module names, which was very confusing and resulted in several hours of work, trying to match the file names to the modules. This sort of thing happens all the time, and frustrates the reader. Do you think I will buy another course from this person? No. I might, however, offer to check her site files for her!

Raving Fan

‘Gaye did an extraordinarily thorough job [reviewing our website], giving frank assessments of the impact of our website. She asked highly pertinent questions and drew attention to some technical aspects of the site that could be improved. Some of these suggestions will be to the advantage of certain sorts of users (those with slow connections, for example, or those who use certain browsers); others relate to aspects of websites that we all use but hardly notice. Such guidance means that we can make changes that will make the site more friendly to a wider range of ordinary users.   

‘I was very grateful to have such well-informed and well-researched responses. They will make my report to my organisation far more substantial and point clearly to steps we can take to improve our site. I strongly recommend Gaye’s talents in this field.’ D.B.

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