‘Will you edit/proofread/format my thesis/dissertation?’
Yes, under specific conditions.

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Theses and dissertations have specific editing, bibliographic, citation and formatting requirements. To impress the examiners, you not only must show evidence of a knowledge and application of good academic research practices and produce good research, but you must also adhere to academic publication requirements and standards.

Many thesis and dissertation writers don't know how to use their word processing software correctly and therefore either submit a faulty document with errors or hire someone to edit, proofread and format their work.

I have extensive experience in editing, proofreading and formatting academic theses and dissertations. (A ‘thesis’ in this context is the qualifying document required for masters' degrees and doctorates in Australia and Britain. The term ‘dissertation’ is usually used in the US purely for doctoral work.)

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) has developed a set of guidelines for editing theses/dissertations that were approved by the (Australian) Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies in November 2010. I adhere to those guidelines when editing, proofreading or formatting theses, and I require the approval of the student's supervisor before I agree to undertake this type of work. This is purely for the student's protection.

What I will do for your thesis/dissertation

Here is a list of options I offer for your thesis:

  • editing the words only - no fact checking or restructuring
  • proofreading
  • formatting the entire document using styles to ensure consistency throughout and to make the creation of tables of contents and graphics automatic
  • formatting bibliographies according to specified styles (e.g. APA, Harvard)
  • hardcopy or electronic editing, proofreading and formatting using Microsoft Word

I will point out any problems I see, but it is the student's responsibility to make any changes required.

What I will NOT do for your thesis/dissertation

  • rewrite
  • check facts
  • comment on your conclusions
  • point out any omissions
  • provide a clean, edited copy of the thesis/dissertation. It is the student's responsibility to make changes

Please read the guidelines here.

Other thesis/dissertation services I offer

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I can also assist you to prepare your thesis/dissertation for publication after you have graduated.

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