‘Thanks for doing such a great job on a difficult text.’
Professor Graeme Clarke, The Australian National University

Comments from some of my raving fans for my editing, proofreading and layout services

'If you are wondering who the most brilliant editor was for my work... it is Gaye Wilson. Detailed, meticulous, great sense of humour, awesome under deadlines and a true professional. She's awesome and if you want your words to sing and punch at the same time, Gaye is GOLD.' Jen Harwood, The Greatness Principle

'Your editing was fabulous. I admire your thoroughness and patience.' Alexandra Mandel, Principal, School Leadership, NSW Department of Education and Communities

My God, you have the eye of an eagle.’ Lindsay Wilson (no relation), Australian Intelligence Corps Association

‘We owe it to a large extent to [Gaye] that we now have a well-established reputation of being virtually free of typing errors (as one of the last volume’s reviewers remarked: “despite a desperate search for typing or other errors, I have been unable to find any”).’ Professor Jean-Paul Descoeudres, Editor, Mediterranean Archaeology journal

‘I couldn’t be more grateful to you for the work that you did on the proofreading: you saved us from more than one possible disaster. You have made a huge contribution to the quality of the book. I approached you to do the job because I couldn’t think of anyone better to take on such a difficult and painstaking project. You came through splendidly. If we have another job like this, or if I hear of anyone else taking on something similar, you will be the first person I recommend. Once more, thank you so much from me and the others in the ACSJC for all the commitment and skill you brought to the project.’ Dr David Brennan, Editing and Publications Officer, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

‘I am out of words to thank you for the work you have done for me, it is beyond my expectations really, and what a mess I handed to you. I had absolutely no idea! Many many thanks.’ Nesa Mouzehkesh Pirborj, PhD candidate, Charles Stuart University

‘Thank you so very much for being so prompt. So nice to have someone reliable to deal with. You did a great job. I'd love to use you again. Thank you again for being so prompt and easy to work with.’ Carolinda Witt, author of The Five Rites.

‘Thanks for improving the article! You have such a good turn of phrase as well as a sharp eye and knowledge of the conventions. Just as well that you’re on the ball! THANKS AGAIN!’ Jana Jones, Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University

‘Thanks for the very good job you did on the Jebel Khalid MS. Your corrections were spot on and at times saved us great embarrassment. Very thorough indeed.’ Camilla Norman, Department of Archaeology, The University of Sydney

‘Many thanks for the hard work that you put in on chapter 2. It really needed help, and you have provided same … Many thanks for the improvements that you are making on my ms.’ Dr Robert McIver, author of Mainstream or Marginal: The Matthean Community in Early Christianity

‘Many thanks Gaye. I really appreciate your professionalism.’ Rosemary Derwin, Assistant Chief Commissioner of Australia, Girl Guides Australia

‘Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Comments were clear to understand and our paper could be improved substantially with the comments.’ Inkyo Cheong, Professor of Economics, and Director of the Center for FTA Policies, Inha University, Korea

 ‘I was impressed at how thorough you are in your editing. I would not hesitate in recommending working with you on another book.’ Minni Reis, PAFTAD International Secretariat, The Australian National University

‘What a fabulous job Gaye!!  Thank you sooo much.  I'll be using this on MANY of my classes and will be acknowledging you for creating this form.’ Kathryn Gray, CCG, PCC, CMC, Business & Personal Development Coach

‘I think the changes [to the spreadsheet] are excellent. Thank you so much for doing such great work.’ Dr David Brennan, Editing and Publications Officer, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council