For all editing, proofreading, layout and coaching projects, I require a written contract and at least partial payment in advance. I typically work on an hourly basis. Contact me if you would like to discuss a different payment arrangement, such as by word, by page or by project. Rush jobs incur a higher fee.

How I work

I do a minimum of three passes on all editing projects: an initial read-through to ascertain your writing style and the structure and flow of the document; a copy editing pass; and a final check up. As part of this process, I create a style sheet to ensure consistency throughout the project. Then I send you the document with my comments and suggestions. You send it back to me with your corrections, and I incorporate them, do a final check, and send the completed document back to you. More passes are charged at a higher hourly rate.

Layout/Design/Typesetting/Formatting is the intermediate phase of the project, in between editing and the final proofreading. This phase is incredibly important, because you will lose readers if the design is poor. In this phase, I work closely with you and the text to create a design that is pleasing and suits the project and the method of dissemination (print, ebook, website etc.).

Proofreading is the last job to be performed after the document has been edited and formatted. This is not the time to make major changes to the document. When I proofread, I create a style sheet (if you have not already provided me with one) and painstakingly check every word, comma, illustration, table, margin, paragraph etc. I do either warm proofreading (checking the final document against the original) or cold proofreading (checking without the original document), as required.

Typical rates for each type of work are displayed below. Rates may vary up or down, depending on the complexity of the project and the timeframe.

Type of Work
Hourly Rate
Copy editing/Proofreading $70.00
Layout/Design/Typesetting/Formatting Contact me
Coaching Ballpark $100.00
Bibliography formatting to specified style Contact me
Thesis editing/proofreading/formatting Contact me
Blog editing/proofreading Contact me

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