Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales


It doesn't matter what format your writing takes, whether it be a website, book, ebook, article, manual, business report or dissertation, if there are spelling, punctuation and formatting errors, your credibility is impaired. The newspaper article cited above makes the point that website credibility is greatly affected by poor spelling. I would add that poor grammar and punctuation are just as bad as poor spelling.

That's why proofreading is so important.

Proofreading is done at the end of the project, as one of the last tasks before publication, after all the editing and layout. It's the final clean-up stage where everything is checked by a fresh eye: grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, footnotes, bibliographies, tables, charts, page numbers, headers, footers, what have you.

I'm a whiz at proofreading. I have a regular client who sends me each very involved and technical manuscript with the words ‘We've been through it with a fine toothcomb. You won't find much.’ And every single time, I find mistakes on 95% of the pages. In fact, this client has this to say about my proofreading skills:


Raving Fan

‘We owe it to a large extent to [Gaye] that we now have a well-established reputation of being virtually free of typing errors (as one of the last volume’s reviewers remarked: “despite a desperate search for typing or other errors, I have been unable to find any”).’ - Professor Jean-Paul Descoeudres, Editor, Mediterranean Archaeology journal


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