I have worked on a fairly wide range of non-fiction subject matter, including archaeology, Egyptology, engineering, law, sociology, education, criminology, economics, military history, culture, coaching and self-help. I have also proofread fiction.

Types of material I have worked on include academic dissertations, papers and monographs, articles, procedures manuals, annual reports, business brochures, catalogues, books, e-books, websites, newsletters, booklets, book proposals and blogs.

I specialise in archaeological material, and in academic papers and monographs.

I work in English, mostly Australian English or British English, but I have worked on American English too.

Here is a selection of the projects I have worked on. Sometimes I do more than one type of work on a project.

Selected Editing Projects

Harwood, J., The Greatness Principle, 2014

Thompson, G., Cyan: Our Little Dog Lost, 2013

Jackson, H. and J. Tidmarsh, Jebel Khalid vol. III: The Pottery, Sydney, 2011

Curtis, J., The History of Asian Social Studies in NSW Secondary Schools, 1967–2002, EdD thesis, Griffith University, 2010

Bate, L., Enhanced Performance Of Delayed Teleoperator Systems Operating Within Unknown And Nonlinear Environments, PhD thesis, University of Wollongong, 2009

Onji, K., ‘The response of firms to eligibility thresholds: Evidence from the Japanese value-added tax’, Journal of Public Economics 93, June 2009, pages 766-775

Onji, K. and R. Kikuchi, ‘Procrastination, Prompts, and Preferences: Evidence from Daily Records of Self-Directed Learning Activities’, Working Paper, 2009

Chartrand, V., In Through the Out Door: Women and Prison Release in New South Wales, PhD Thesis, Macquarie University, 2008

Enright, C., Legal Method, 2008

Thanos, A., The Mycenaean Presence in Macedonia, DPhil Thesis, Oxford University, 2007

Godo, Y., ‘The Puzzle of Small Farming in Japan’, Asia Pacific Economic Papers 265, 2007

Top Coaches Share Their Personal Action Strategies, 2007 (I am a contributor to this volume as well as editor)

PAFTAD International Secretariat and the Australia–Japan Research Centre, PAFTAD 30: Challenges to the Global Trading System: Adjustment to Globalization in the Asia-Pacific Region, Pacific Trade and Development Conference Series, The Australian National University, 2007 (copy editing, proofreading)

Jones, J., ‘Pre- and Early Dynastic textiles: technology, specialisation and administration during the process of state formation’, in Egypt at its Origins 2, Proceedings of the International Conference “Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt”, Toulouse (France), 5th–8th September 2005, Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 172, 2008

Sowada, K. and B. Ockinga, Egyptian Art in the Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney, 2006 (copy editing, book design, proofreading, indexing—multi-author volume).

Mediterranean Archaeology journal, The University of Sydney, 1992–present (proofreading, copy editing, Editorial Board member, referee)

McIver, R., Mainstream or Marginal: The Matthean Community in Early Christianity, 2004 (copy editing, re-writing)

The Australians at War Film Archive, 2004 (transcription editing, fact checking)

Walker, J., Studies in Ancient Egyptian Medical Terminology, Sydney, 1996 (copy editing, layout, proofreading, and formatting to camera ready stage)

Girl Guides Association (New South Wales), Local Association Handbook, 1980 (editing, proofreading)

Selected Proofreading Projects

Gregory, T.E. and Gregory, L.T., The Archaeology of Kythera, 2015

Lane, M., Daughter of the Sun (historical fiction), 2014

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Building Bridges: Social Justice Statements from Australia's Catholic Bishops 1988 to 2013, 2014

Australian College of Applied Psychology, Developing Professional Practice teaching module materials, 2009

Clune, S., Developing Sustainable Literacy in Industrial Design Education, PhD Thesis, University of Western Sydney, 2009

ME and You, Journal of the ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of NSW Inc., 2006–2009 (editorial consultant, proofreader)

Redfern Legal Centre Publishing, The Law Handbook (9th edition), 2004

Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation, Pella in Jordan, The Coins (1979–1990), The University of Sydney, 2001 (copy editing, proofreading)

School of Business Annual Reports, The University of Sydney, 2000, 2001, 2002, (data collection, preparation, editing, layout, formatting, proofreading)

Faculty of Economics Annual Research Reports, The University of Sydney, 2000, 2001

Mediterranean Archaeology (academic peer-reviewed journal), 1992-present

Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology, an Egyptological journal for the general public and scholars, Macquarie University, 1990–1996

McFarlane, A., The God Min to the End of the Old Kingdom, Sydney, 1995

Selected Typesetting and Formatting Projects

Anson, D. and R. Hannah, Ancient Lamps in New Zealand, Sydney, 2013

Gleeson, N., Margin Squeeze in EU Law, PhD thesis, King's College London, 2012

Forearmed, Journal of the Australian Intelligence Corps Association (example)

Katz, L., Mind the Gap. An exploration of liminal spaces, creative and destructive, DCA thesis, University of Technology Sydney, 2009 (Bibliography formatting)

The Drawing Board: An Australian Review of Public Affairs, electronic academic journal, School of Economics and Political Science, The University of Sydney, 2003 (copy editing, style checking, bibliography formatting [Harvard system], proofreading)


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