Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you do a free sample edit of my work?

A: No. There are too many people out there who use several editors to edit ‘samples’ and thus get their entire document/book/project edited for free. This approach is not only deceitful, but will give you inconsistent editing of varying quality.


Q: What is the difference between copy editing and proofreading?

A: Copy editing is one of the initial stages in the publication process. Someone writes something, a copy editor edits it according to language, grammar, structure, flow etc. After the editing has been all completed, the document is laid out and formatted. Proofreading comes in almost last in the process, and is the final check that everything is correct. Proofreading involves checking not only the language, but also the punctuation, paragraph formatting, bibliography format, page margins, tables, illustrations, charts, graphs, plates, footnotes, front matter, end matter, indices, appendices, in fact everything.

Proofreading can be done by checking the manuscript with the final product, or by checking the final document without reference to the manuscript (this is called 'cold proofreading').

Q: How do I know what services my project needs?

A: Contact me, and we'll discuss it. Many people come to me asking for editing when they mean proofreading, and vice versa.

Q: Can you edit my project in British/American/Canadian/Australian English?

A: Yes. Most qualified editors should be able to edit your work in various flavours of English. I use British spelling on this website, because I am based in Australia (which uses British spelling), but don't let that bother you if you are American: I do all flavours of English.

Q: How do you pronounce Gryphonworks?

A: Gryphon is pronounced like griffin, the mythological half-eagle half-lion. So Gryphonworks is pronounced Griffinworks.

Q: What does the Gryphonworks logo signify?

A: The half-eagle half-lion in the business name is appropriate, since the business has two distinct branches: the publishing branch and the coaching branch. The eagle half represents keen eyesight, wisdom and attention to detail. It also represents strength and power: properly edited, proofread and formatted text gives more power to the written word so that it conveys the required message. The lion half represents strength, commitment and courage to tackle the task of editing, proofreading or designing written materials that are important to the writer.

Gryphons are often regarded as guardians of hidden treasures, such as the Tree of Life and knowledge, and sacred places such as tombs, and thus honour the transition between life and death. In this context, then, the gryphon logo guards the documents to be edited/proofread/designed, and ensures a smooth transition between the raw document and the finished, published work.

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