‘I was impressed at how thorough you are in your editing. I would not hesitate in recommending working with you on another book.’ - Minni Reis

Copy editing Services

In my opinion, every piece of writing needs to be edited. And proofread. Preferably by different people. Or several different people (the proofreading, that is, not the editing). It can be very hard to edit your own writing effectively, even for qualified editors, because you become so close to the text that you don't see the flaws.

Copy editing is an important part of the process whereby a manuscript is turned into a publication. It involves reading the text (yes, I read every single word!) for structure, flow, clarity and meaning.

What does that mean, I hear you ask.pen

It means that I read your work to make sure that:

  • it really says what you want it to say, without ambiguity, vulgarity or innuendo (unless it is meant to, of course)
  • it flows easily and is easy to read and understand
  • it uses appropriate language and word choice
  • it is consistent in the use of terminology, spelling and formatting
  • it is structured in a logical and easy-to-iunderstand manner
  • it contains no factual errors or libellous material
  • it does not breach copyright
  • and much more.

To do this, I check:

  • spelling
  • punctuationbookstack
  • consistency
  • facts
  • formatting such as heading levels, leading
  • and much more

I also make decisions such as:

  • the final look of the publication: I work closely with the book designer, if there is one, or with the author/publisher if I am doing the designing
  • the heading levels
  • the page numbering
  • endnotes or footnotes
  • tables, images, indices, appendices etc. and how they will appear
  • style sheets and consistency
  • and much more.

Of course, all of this is also checked at the proofreading stage, but copy editing comes way before proofreading.

Basically, I work closely with the author and/or publisher and/or designer to create the best possible publication.

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