‘My God! You have the eyes of an eagle!’
– Lindsay Wilson (no relation), Australian Intelligence Corps Association

About Me

My name is Gaye Wilson, and I am a qualified editor, proofreader, desktop publisher and personal coach. Welcome to my editing website.

I have always been in love with words and language. Coming from a family that reads a lot, I learned to read at an early age, and have never stopped. In primary school I loved to parse sentences and learn grammar and punctuation – none of which seems to be taught in schools any more.

My love of language is extended to learning foreign languages. So far I have formally studied English (my mother tongue), French, German, Indonesian, Latin, ancient Greek, Akkadian, ancient Egyptian (hieroglyphs), Danish, Arabic, Russian and Italian. That's not to say that I am fluent in those languages, but simply that I have taken formal classes in them - I am better at some than at others. I find that the more languages I study, the richer is my experience with the English language, and hence the better writer and editor I am.

I am, of course, very particular (some would say pedantic) about the English language, its grammar, punctuation, spelling, meaning and flow. A friend of mine calls me her ‘grammatically perfect friend.’

About Gryphonworks

I have been proofreading for more than 25 years, and when the opportunity arose for me in 2001 to do a course in book editing and publishing, I jumped at it. The course was the most fun I had experienced in years, and when I finished it, I immediately created Gryphonworks, my own freelance editing and proofreading business. A few years later I completed a desktop publishing course, which was the most fun I had had since the editing course, and I added desktop publishing and layout services to my portfolio.

After I completed my doctorate, the experience had been so horrible that I decided to help others get their doctorates without the problems I had encountered. I took a comprehensive two-year coaching course, and added coaching to the business.

My Qualifications

I am continually updating my qualifications and earning new ones. Here is a list of my formal academic qualifications.

Diploma in Languages (Russian), Macquarie University, 2011
Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management), Scouts Australia, 2009
Certificate IV in Leadership, Scouts Australia, 2009
Certificate II in Desktop Publishing, Nepean Arts & Design Centre, 2007
Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Hawkesbury College, 2006
Certificate in Professional Proofreading and Editing, 2006
Graduate of Coach University, 2005
Doctor of Philosophy in Egyptology, Macquarie University, 2002
Diploma in Book Editing and Publishing, Macleay College, 2001
Master of Arts in Egyptology, Macquarie University, 1990
Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Sydney, 1978

I am currently studying Italian at Macquarie University.

I have also been a qualified Girl Guide Leader since 1977.

In addition to being an editor, proofreader and personal coach, I have been (and in some cases still am) a student, soldier, forms designer, animal shelter worker, dog fosterer, trainer, manager, library worker, web and publications manager, website designer, first aid instructor, organisation and methods consultant, human resources development consultant, published author, Egyptologist, archaeologist, research assistant, blogger and business owner.

All this has given me a wide range of experiences and knowledge that I can bring to my editing and coaching business.

Business-Related Memberships

I am a Professional Member of the Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. and adhere to the Editorial Standards of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd).