If you're writing, you need an editor, proofreader and designer.
And possibly a writing coach.

Welcome to Gryphonworks Editing & Coaching Services

Do you run a business?

Do you sell?

Do you study?

Do you write?

Do you produce catalogues, brochures, manuals, reports, books or websites?

If you write for business, study or as a hobby, you need an editor. If you intend to publish your work, as technical manuals, advertisements, white papers, books, study materials, family history, websites or ebooks, you also need a proofreader and a designer.pen

If your work is badly phrased, has grammatical or typographical errors, errors of fact, has an incomprehensible design or otherwise looks unprofessional, your readers will think that your business and materials also are unprofessional or have errors, and they will go elsewhere.

The fact is, if you produce anything that other people see, you must ensure that it is the best it can possibly be, or you will miss out on sales, academic marks, reputation or whatever it is that you want from your readers.

You need an editor - you've found me.

You need a proofreader - you've found me.

You need a designer for your catalogues, books, ebooks, brochures, manuals
- you've found me.

Welcome to Gryphonworks Editing and Coaching Services.


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